British Transplant Games 2017

This year’s British Transplant Games will be held in North Lanarkshire in Scotland from July 27th-30th and once again, the organisers, Transplant Sport, have kindly invited us to enter our Dublin Children’s Team and our Dublin Adults’ Team – every transplanting hospital in the UK has an opportunity to enter a team and given that all our Ireland based transplants are carried out in Dublin it was agreed that we would have the two ‘Dublin’ teams that encompass the entire country. People normally resident in Ireland who received their transplant outside of the country are eligible to register for either of our teams (paediatric liver, heart or lung transplant recipients for example).


The British Games Transplant Games are always very well organised with a huge entry (948 registered athletes in 2016!). Their children’s programme is particularly strong and I highly recommend the experience.

The event is a very good introduction to transplant sports in that you get to experience a large scale well organised event that is on our doorstep and you can determine your own accommodation and flight options to suit your plans / budget. If this year’s World Transplant Games are not for you I strongly recommend the British Transplant Games as an alternative.

I (Colin White) will be managing both teams’ involvement in the Games so if you have any questions please feel free to contact him in Donor House (01 620 5306) or via the contact form below.


There is a wide range of sports available over the 4 days – click below for the schedule:



To be eligible to participate in the Games you will have to get a medical form completed by your transplant consultant. you can download the medical form via the link below. Please make sure that your consultant completes EVERY section of the form. If a section is not applicable to you they should write this in that section. Please make sure that our consultant puts their signature in all places where it is requested. Forms should be returned to: Colin White, Team Manager, Irish Kidney Association, Donor House, Block 43A, Parkwest, Dublin D12 P5V6. You may put your medical form in a sealed envelope marked confidential if you do not want me to review it (I only review the forms to ensure that all the information required is present).



You can register online by clicking below. Registration fees are to be paid through the Irish kidney Association as we manage the two teams involvement in the Games.



As stated above, you can plan your own accommodation. I have booked into the Premier Inn in Glasgow (Motherwell). We will be responsible for our own meals. You will see during registration that there is a Gala celebration event on the Sunday night. It is very much your choice as to whether you attend – if the consensus of those registering is that people want to attend we can do so together. Just to give you context, at the previous two British Games those of us still around on the Sunday night booked ourselves into a local restaurant and just had a Team Ireland night – in both cases the opinion seemed to be that it was a very nice way to conclude our Games experience.


You can book your own flights to suit your own plans – look at the schedule and decide if you want to attend all of the event or just come for the day(s) of your chosen sport(s). I will be flying Ryanair (FR5774 at 2pm) into Glasgow (GLA) on Wednesday July 26th and flying home on Ryanair FR5771 at 8.40am on Monday July 31st. The venues and accommodation options are a little dispersed so I would strongly recommend considering a hire car.





To conclude, feel free to contact me ( / 01 620 5306) if you want to discuss the Games further.



#WTG2017 Medicals…

Have you arranged an appointment to get your medical form completed for this year’s World Transplant Games? If not, you need to move quickly as it is important to get your completed medical forms into me (Colin White) in Donor House.

Every year we have questions about the stress test section of the medical form. The text below, from the WTGF, will hopefully help clarify the situation:


To clarify the wording:
If you are participating in a medium or high level sport  AND meet one of the following statements – then you are highly recommended to have a stress test:

  1. You are over the age of the 40 (regardless of type of transplant)
  2. You are a cardiac or heart transplant (regardless of age) 
  3. You have a history of coronary artery diseases (regardless of age)
  4. If you are participating in the 3 on 3 Basketball event (regardless of age or transplant)

The stress test is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. If a stress test is not completed, a section on the form needs to be signed declaring this.
Medium or high level  sports include:  
Table Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics Field & Track Events. Kayak, Race Walking, Badminton, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Road Race, Squash, 3 on 3 Basketball and Padel Tennis.

A stress test It is not required if you are only participating in low level stress sports, these include: 

Golf, Petanque / Boule, Tenpin Bowling and Darts

Please note, you may send your completed medical form in a sealed envelope marked ‘Do Not Open’ if you wish – it will be sent on to the organisers in Spain without review in this case. Otherwise, send your medical as normal and I will review it, purely to ensure that it has been fully completed. The organisers will have a copy of your medical forms and our team doctor will also have a copy of your medical forms.


#WTG2017 Registration update…

Registration is well under way for this year’s World Transplant Games and our team is growing nicely. Please note that the early bird deadline is looming so if you wish to save some money you should register soon.Remember, all monies are paid to the Irish Kidney Association and a minimum deposit of €300 will be required by March 1st if you are planning to fly with the team otherwise the deposit is €100. All outstanding balances are to be cleared by Team Kit Day on May 21st.

We are planning to travel over on the 24th of June (one day early) and back on the 2nd of July. If you have other plans, please let me know. Information on overall costing should be available soon – we are looking at some options to try and offer the best flexibility to people planning to attend the Games.


You can register on line HERE

You can read up on the medical requirements and download the medical forms HERE

If you would like printed copies of the registration form and / or the medical form please fill in your details below.



WTG2017 Rules Update…

The Sport Rules for the 2017 World Transplant Games have been revised and are available via the link below.

Click on the image to review the full set of rules:


Click on the image

Changes of note:

Juniors 15-17 may now compete as adults in a sport (previously 16-17).

Cycling-Clarification that juniors are not permitted to compete in the 20K cycling team event.

Kayak – the format for the events are now initially described; more is expected shortly.

Road Race – the distance for both men and women is now correctly stated as 5Km.

Swimming – the reference to the swimming rules has been changed to the new online location.

Swimming – the days of the two distance events (200 and 400 Freestyle) have been switched to allow virtual triathletes to compete in cycling.  This change was incorporated into the registration system before it was opened for registration, so all registrations are correct.

Athletics (Track and Field) – the weight of the ball for the ball throw has been stated.

Virtual Triathlon – due to increased interest in this event, the age groups currently in use for doubles events will be used for triathlon as well.  There will be three sets of medals for each gender instead of one set.

If you have any questions on these Rules, please contact Colin White, Ireland Team Manager, at

Online Fundraising for Malaga…

If you are planning to fundraise towards the cost of your involvement in this year’s World Transplant Games, we have set up a general Team fundraising page on and you can set up your own fundraising page off it by clicking on the orange ‘Start Fundraising’ button on the right of the page in the link below.

Click HERE to START your online FUNDRAISING page

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Please make sure that you register for the Games BEFORE February 10th to avail of the Early Bird registration prices.

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