World Transplant Games – LATEST

With World Games Registration system due to open at 11am Irish time tomorrow, please click on the image below to access some useful notes that will help you navigate your way through the process.

The core team flights are likely to be out on June 24th and back on July 2nd. If you want to make different plans please let me know. (01 620 5306)

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WTG Registration update

Registration for next year’s world Transplant Games will now open on December 9th. ‘The Málaga Local Organising Committee has announced that it has been able to slightly reduce the non-accommodation registration fees. The new fees need to be configured in the registration system before opening it for use.’

Click on the image below for more information.


World Transplant Games 2017

Registration for next year’s World Transplant Games is scheduled to go live in 3 weeks time!

If you are thinking about being part of Transplant Team Ireland and have not already completed our short online questionnaire, you can click on the link below and register your interest:

If you would like to see the sports schedule and get some background information please click on the image below.


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Ron Grainger WTGF Ambassador

The World Transplant Games Federation fit For Life! programme is being launched in Chicago this weekend at the Ireland v New Zealand rugby match. We are delighted that our team member, Ron Grainger, is amongst the newly appointed WTGF ambassadors who will be introduced to the crowd at halftime  during the match. given that the crowd is expected to be 90% Irish we are expecting a rousing reception when Ron is announced!

Click on the image below to read more about Ron and the WTGF Fit for Life programmme.


For more information on Ireland’s involvement in the World Transplant Games please contact Team Manager Colin White (

Team Ireland member amongst first 12 WTGF Ambassadors

Fantastic news…

Team member, Ron Grainger, has been selected as one of the first 12 World Transplant Games Federation Fit for Life Ambassadors. With over 200 applications coming from 33 different countries, it is a great honour for our sports programme to have one of our team members selected at this stage.

Click on the image below to read more:

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Could you be a WTGF Ambassador?

You have read about the World Transplant Games Federation Fit For Life! initiative and you are passionate about the importance of physical activity and organised sport at all levels in the long term- management and well-being of transplant recipients.

What can you do about it? You can consider being a WTGF Ambassador and help open the world of transplant sports to others.

What’s involved in the role I hear you ask?! Click on the image below to get a job description and contact if you are interested in applying to the WTGF to be selected as an Ambassador. Closing date: September 25th

Note: You will be expected to provide your own Ferrero Rocher... Lol

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