Deirdre Faul – Dublin


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Deirdre Faul – Dublin

Deirdre Faul is from Dublin, she is a liver transplant recipient. She will be competing in the 40-49 years age category in the following events:

  • Squash Singles
  • Swimming Freestyle 400m
  • Swimming Freestyle 200m
  • Swimming Freestyle 100m
  • Swimming Breaststroke 100m

Deirdre is a liver transplant recipient & long-time member of Transplant Team Ireland.  She is an all-round athlete who has competed as part of Transplant Team Ireland since 2006 in a huge number and variety of different sports. The last few years she has been focused on swimming and squash.


Deirdre has competed in the following previous games:

World Transplant Games – 2007 Thailand, 2009 Australia, 2011 Sweden, 2013 South Africa, 2015 Argentina.

European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships – 2006 Hungary, 2008 Germany, 2010 Dublin, 2014 Poland, 2016 Finland.


Deirdre’s recovery after her transplant was not easy or straightforward. Every day she is conscious of her health and believes the key to staying healthy is through family support, a healthy lifestyle, good food & exercise regime.


She cherishes the time spent as a member of Transplant Team Ireland – “being a member of Transplant Team Ireland & participating at the games means the world to me, I believe through participation I have been enabled to get back to a full and healthy lifestyle, they have also provided me with a positive way to promote organ donation while doing something I love.’

‘Attitude is everything’ The strength of a person is shown when things get tough. Transplant Team Ireland has such a great attitude, we have been there, done that – participating at the games is the reward and allows us all to make a difference in a positive way.


The publicity gained by our team, through participation in such a prestigious event, also helps to encourage and promote the life-giving act of organ donation. I also see it as a way to honor my donor, give something back & potentially help someone else obtain that much needed gift.



4 thoughts on “Deirdre Faul – Dublin

  1. I had the great pleasure of meeting Deidre for the first time in Thailand. We often swim the 400 m freestyke at World Transplant Games! Best wishes to my dear friend at the European Games! She is amazing woman and quite the athlete. She is always encouraging to we athletes of lesser athletic abilities! GOD BLESS AND GO GET ‘Em, girl!
    Carol Fishie Fitzsimons TEAM USA/TEAM OHIO Swimmer, kidney recipient 10/06/2000

    • Ahh Carol just returned home & catching up on emails. Thank you for taking the time to write such wonderful words, I am speechless. I will see you in Malaga if not before…:-)

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