Orla Hogan – Tipperary


Orla Hogan is a kidney transplant recipient from Tipperary, and she will be competing in the following sports in the 30-39 category:

  • Track & Field – Ball Throw
  • Track & Field – 3km Power Walk
  • Swimming – 50m Breast Stroke
  • Swimming – 50m Freestyle
  • Swimming – 4×50 Freestyle Relay
  • Swimming – 4×50 Medley Relay
  • Mini – Marathon 5k


Orla is 10 years  married to Ger this year. She received a kidney from her little brother. She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters, 3 nephews and 2 nieces. Orla enjoys representing Ireland as it gets her training and keeping fit. ‘It is another family who are all great fun, it is such a great message to thank my donor all my donors as i’ve had 4 transplant’. Orla works in an office in nenagh cancer support centre. it provides support for lots of different people and she really enjoys it. ‘I enjoy sports swimming walking running and i enjoy watching all sport, i like travelling and have seen the world at many different games. Really looking forward to games as meeting friends and making new friends and to try my best at my sports’.


‘By living life, doing sport is a way my brother can see how much it means i hope’


Orla has competed in 5 Transplant Games to date including:

2013 – World Games South Africa

2011 – World Games Sweden

2010 – European Games Ireland

2009 – World Games Australia

2006 – European Games Hungary

2004 in European Games Slovenia

Being part of the Games means a lot to Orla ‘Transplant Team Ireland is fantastic and I am so happy to be a part of them, they are an amazing group of people. Friends forever, I am doing sport more to be ready for team Ireland. To represent Ireland in the games in a way to remember my donor’.

‘I hope to get to meet friends we have made over the years. To get to catch up with my games family i know and meet new members too. I hope to participate to my best. I hope that we all have a fun experience too as the Irish are known for’.

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