Peter Heffernan – Dublin

Peter Heffernan - Dublin
Peter Heffernan – Dublin


Peter Heffernan is a kidney transplant recipient (2011) from Skerries, Co. Dublin. Peter will compete in the 60-69 category in the following events:

  • Swimming 50m freestyle
  • Swimming 100m freestyle
  • Swimming 400m freestyle
  • Swimming 50m back stroke
  • Swimming 100m back stroke


Peter is a self-employed consulting engineer. Married to Patricia Carty, he is a proud father of two sons.

Peter is a keen swimmer and swam across Dublin Bay in 1976. In 2013, in advance of the World Transplant Games, he organised a group of transplant recipients to repeat the swim in a relay as a way of showcasing the importance and success of organ donation and transplantation.

He secured third in the Liffey Swim in the mid 70s and regularly competes in local swimming competitions.

In 2016 Peter enjoyed great success at the European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championship in Finland for swimming when he won 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze. This winning streak continued just a few weeks later when he competed in the British Transplant Games and there he secured 5 Silver medals in swimming events.

At last year’s World Transplant Games which were held in Malaga, Peter won a bronze medal in the backstroke event and then just a few weeks later won a staggering 4 gold and 1 silver in different swimming events at the British Transplant Games.

Peter attended his first European transplant and dialysis games in Germany in 2008 while on dialysis. He has only missed two games in the last 10 years, one the year he had his transplant and other was when on dialysis and could not attend the World Games.  Peter said that “training for and participating in the games is now part of my life. Thanks to the “gift of life” from my donor I am able to compete in swimming. I am now in my sixties and I started competing in my teens. Most importantly by attending the games all athletes clearly show that organ donation works and it promotes organ donor awareness.”



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