Sheila Gregan – Tipperary

RRP 0514.JPG

Sheila Gregan – Tipperary

Sheila is a kidney transplant recipient from Nenagh Co. Tipperary. She will be competing in the 40-49 category in:

  • Road race 5k
  • Cycling Road Race 30k
  • Swimming 50m Free Style
  • Swimming 50m Brest stroke
  • Swimming 400m Free style

Sheila is not a new face to the Games having competed in Dublin in 2010, Sweden 2011 and Croatia 2012. Horses are Sheila’s first love. Then all sports. Last year she took up triathlon. Having completed five sprint triathlons, shes says ‘Now I’m hooked’.


‘I live near Nenagh in co Tipperary with my daughter Aisling and Snoop my Jack Russell terrier. My involvement with the transplant games began in 2010 in Dublin. Since then I was hooked. I started training with the local triathlon club and before I knew it , I was doing triathlons. Swimming is my favourite discipline’.


‘I am very proud to be part of Transplant team Ireland. It’s great to meet old friends and make new ones. I call them my extended family. We all share the same reason for attending the games – to celebrate the gift of life. When the team get together I am instantly infected with positivity and enthusiasm’.


‘The fact that I can swim 400 metres, cycle a bike for 30 km and run 5 km is all down to my donor and the decision the donor family made to give me the gift of life. By attending the games I feel it is my way of honouring them. Winning a medal at the games would be a bonus because I feel that I have already won by receiving the gift of life’.



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