Garry Campbell – Wicklow

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Garry Campbell – Wicklow

Garry Campbell is from Wicklow, he is a kidney transplant recipient and he will be competing in the 60-69 years age category in the following

  • Golf Singles
  • Golf Team

After taking a few year away from Transplant Team Ireland for health reasons (a hip operation and heart surgery), Garry Campbell from Greystones is looking forward to returning to the fold. Married to Una, they have two adult children and one grandchild. In September 2017 Garry and his family will celebrate the 21st anniversary of his life changing kidney transplant which he underwent when he was 41 years old. Garry feels fortunate that he was only on the transplant waiting list for a year until his deceased donor kidney transplant came along.

Garry took part in three previous World Transplant Games including France, Canada and Thailand and he also took part in the European Games when they were held in Hungary and Dublin. An avid and successful golfer, Garry always took home medals when he participated at previous games in Golf  – a Gold from France, a Silver from Canada and Bronze from Thailand.

Garry said, “I a looking forward to returning to the team and renewing old friendships with other transplantees from all around the world. My participation and the Games are all about recognizing our donors. I have had a great life thanks to my donor and my transplant has allowed me to see my children Tara and Gavin grow up and become a grandfather to Conor. I would like to acknowledge the support of head golf pro Karl Holmes from Greystones Golf Club for helping me prepare for the Games.”