Patrick o Sullivan – Cork

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Patrick o Sullivan – Cork

Pat o Sullivan is from Cork, he is a kidney transplant recipient and he will be competing in the 50-59 years age category in the following

  • Track & Field – 100m (Heats & Finals)
  • Track & Field – 200m (Heats & Finals)
  • Track & Field – 4x100m Relay (Heats & Finals)
  • Track & Field – 4x400m Relay (Heats & Finals)
  • Track & Field – Long Jump (Mens & Boys)
  • Golf Singles
  • Golf Team

Pat O Sullivan, is from Mallow in Co Cork, he is married to Helen and has two adult children, Carol and Patrick, Pat works at Irish Rail in Mallow. ‘I received a kidney transplant in August 2015 having being diagnosed with end stage kidney failure in 2002, Malaga will be my first time competing in the Transplant games, i hope to run in the 100, 200m, and the long jump, i competed a lot of these disciplines in my teens and hope to regain some of that old spark, i have also entered the golf in both the singles and team event, i am looking forward to competing in the games and to be back in a team environment again after a long absence,this will be my first time competing’.


‘Looking forward to creating awareness here in my local town on organ donation and the benefits that transplantation brings. Really looking forward to be in a team environment and representing my country at the same time’.


‘The satisfaction of competing, getting my feet into the starting blocks and getting through the finish line in one piece without pulling every muscle in my body. Meeting fellow transplant patients from all over the country and the world’.