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  1. Barbara Salsi

    Good luck to all the Team especially to Michael Dwyer. We are very proud of you ! Love and best wishes to you all, Barbara, Tony, Sarina, Michael and Anabelle 🏆👏

  2. Brian Carney

    Good luck to you all in Poland! May you come back with more bling than BA from the A-Team 👊.
    Whatever your event, play with passion and pride 🙂 and most of all a smile on your face! Get stuck in 👍

  3. kay

    good luck to you all especially my bro sean marshall only kerry man on the team so proud of you love kay danny christina kathlyn and jack

  4. Ann Marie Reynolds


  5. Sinead McGowan

    Good luck to all the team in Poland. Hope you come home with plenty of bling. Enjoy the games and see you all in Argentina x

  6. Elaine Prendergast

    The very best of luck to Transplant Team Ireland, especially to Paul ‘the ledge’ Prendergast. You’re all great ambassadors for the cause. GO TEAM IRELAND!!! Is feidir linn!!!!

  7. Rocco

    Well granny and grandad, hope you enjoy your trip, need a gold medal for that bedroom wall of mine so no pressure,I’ll make sure that misty is well feed with dog bickys, love to you both, the hurricane

  8. Keifer

    To granny and grandad Prendergast (p), love you both with all my heart, have a good time in Poland, ill mind the house when ur away with Elaine, love you loads, keifer

  9. David Prendergast

    To Daisy Prendergast, his Coach “Rose” & the Team Ireland Posse, Best of luck to Everyone, Give it a lash !!!! From Davy, Dee Dee, Kane & Daryl.

  10. Ashleigh the fav Prendergast

    Hey Daisy and Rosaleennnnnn, (paul and rose) I had a ball at the 18th didnt drink to much like i said haha hope your having a dirty filthy ball love ye to bits and were here having a fry, you wouldnt like it haha , make sure ye go for gold or ye wont be me fav anymore 🙂 mess no one could replace yous, right im off to get the table set have a good day, love you lots love ash xxxxx

  11. sharon

    hi mam and dad well its official we,ve moved back home elaine delighted ash in spare room now dont panic house still standing cant wait for you to come home any excuse for a ruby murry love ye lots see ye soon shar xxx

  12. Mistey

    Hi daddy paul, missing you loads ashleigh ate the left overs no din dins for me 😦 shes starting to bark , hurry for the curry love you and mamma p loads will miss my sunday roast today 😦 love the fav woof 🙂

  13. Jake, Reece & Ben...

    Best of luck to all the athletes, Congratulations again on representing Ireland in sport. We’re all proud of you Grandad Paul Prendergast, stay focused! Jake, Reece, Ben, Ger, Miriam!

  14. Best of Irish luck to all the Transplant Team Ireland, but most especially to Limerick’s Mary Sheehan and a very special friend. Mary is competing in the Table Tennis and Darts events. Go for it Mary! We’re all behind you and so proud of the journey you’ve done this year! Enjoy the games and the experiences. Lots of love Ann & Ian xx

  15. Jude, Brian, and Oisín

    Hello Daisy! (Paul P) Hope you are having a wonderful time with your team and with granny. We miss you. And i’m minding your chair for you…the boss’ chair. We’ll see you very soon. Try your best. You’re always a champion to me grandad. Love from Oisin ó Croimín,

  16. rebecca prendergast

    best of luck team ireland especially my dad paul prendergast and his sidekick rose , go on the daisy , lots of love becky and mick xx

  17. Elaine, Sharon, Ash and Clare.

    Good luck in your bowling today dad, and your partner in crime Hugo. We’re rooting for ya back home. Love Elaine, Sharon, Ash and Clare. xxxx

  18. Maura Keane

    I wish you all a safe journey and a great time at the games especially my fab nephew Alan Gleeson from lustowel we are so so proud of you stay positive and enjoy the trip love you loads xxx auntie Maura and all in Cratloe

  19. Elaine Prendergast

    Very best of luck to everyone on Transplant Team Ireland taking part in the games this year in Finland. An extra special good luck to Paul Prendergast. We’re all rooting for ya back home! Very proud of you. xxxx

  20. rebecca prendergast

    best of luck to all transplant team Ireland participants , especially my dad paul prendergast and his coach rose , super proud of you all xxxxx lots of love becky and mick xx

  21. Claire' the favourite'...dont mind Ash!!!!

    hi grandad best of luck and good luck the transplant team.p.s we are here drinking your tea and eating your love heart bread from your second favourite clare…lots of love xxxx

  22. Yvonne Mc Donald

    Wishing you all great success especially Garry Campbell, best of luck Garry Lucking forward to hearing all the results as they come in.

  23. Elaine Prendergast

    Best of luck to all of the Transplant Team Ireland family. Wishing you the very best of luck for the coming days. A very special good luck also to my father Paul. We’re very proud of you. You’re all great ambassadors for our country. Fly that flag high. Love to you all xx

  24. rebecca prendergast

    just to wish all of team Ireland all the best in the games , BIG shout out to my ” daisy ” aka Paul Prendergast and his darling wife rose , here sitting in your garden minding your dog and putting your strawberries in my prosecco , good crop well done you , cheers Becky and Mick xx

  25. rebecca prendergast

    just want to wish pops aka Paul Prendergast a very happy birthday , hope you have a day as wonderful as you , love ya Daisy , lots of love becky and mick xxxxx

  26. Elaine Prendergast

    Best of luck to all of Transplant Team Ireland at the games. Especially to my Pops Paul. Have a fantastic time and be safe. Love to you all xx

  27. Clare prendergast

    A big congrats to team ireland and the members that has won things. Love you grandad great job with the bronze medal! Cant wait to see you and granny! Hope you enjoey your time there too see you when you get back! 🤗 from clare prendergast 😁😁

  28. Sharon prendergast

    Yo dad, Whats up see you’re keepin’ it lit. bring home that bling you’ll be like b.a barackas we are very proud of you here. Can’t wait to see you’s when you get home. From your favourite 😂 sharon prendergast 😎😎😎😙🤓😛

  29. Rebecca Prendergast

    Best of luck to all of transplant team Ireland hope your all having a fabulous time ,BIG shout out to my dad paul super pruod of ya pops , not forgetting his right hand woman ” coach rose ” enjoy and have a fantastic time lots of love Becky and Mick xx

  30. Rocco, Keifer, Sabrina & Matthew

    To Granny and Grandad Prendergast,
    Enjoy your trip and had fun. Hope you had a great time and have no doubt you met lots of good people.
    All very proud of you both at home for all you do, keep the cause going.
    Love always,
    Rocco, Keifer, Sabrina & Matthew

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