Lenny Ryan – Dublin

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Lenny Ryan – Dublin

Lenny Ryan who has undergone two kidney transplants lives in Tallaght, Dublin with his father Mick and man’s best friend, his German Shepherd ‘Hans’. Lenny has represented Transplant Team Ireland six times before as both a dialysis patient and a transplant recipient.


Lenny will be competing at this year’s World Transplant Games in the 30-39 age category in the following events:

  • Darts Triple Mix Team
  • 10 Pin Bowling – Doubles
  • Petanque (Singles)


Lenny has taken part in two previous World Transplant Games events – Australia, and Sweden-  and although he didn’t compete at the Games in South Africa he travelled there to support his team. He also competed in the European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships in Dublin in 2010, Finland last year and Croatia in 2012. No stranger to the medals podium, Lenny won a Bronze medal for lawn bowls at the World Games in Australia and the European’s in Dublin in 2010, he won a Gold and a Silver medal for Petanque doubles and singles (respectively). At the European Games in Finland last year he won a Silver medal in the Petanque singles event and he also won a Bronze medal in the 5k power walk event.


Lenny underwent two deceased donor kidney transplants. His first in May 2008 following a relatively short spell of dialysis treatment at the Beacon Hospital for eight months. He was delighted that his transplant restored good health and quality of life for four years until his kidney function began to decline again. He once again underwent dialysis treatment and this time for a year and a half. He received his second transplant in late December 2014.


Lenny said, “Hans, my German Shepherd, is like my coach as he aids my preparation for the Games when we take long brisk walks together every day. My father will take care of him while I’m away with the team. It’s nice to be able to represent your country whether you are a dialysis patient or a transplant recipient. It’s a great tribute to donors and their families from around the world for their generosity that myself, my teammates and all the athletes from other competing countries are able to enjoy life and take part in sport”.